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The Voice of the Rain Summary Class 11 English

The Voice of the Rain Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of the Voice of the Rain

    A poet tells about a talk he had with raindrops as they fell. He asks the rain in the poem, “And who are you?” In response, the rain says, “I am the poem of the Earth.” Also, the rain describes how it quietly rises (as vapour) from the land and sea and floats up to heaven, where it turns into clouds. After that, it falls back to Earth to bring water to places that are dry because of drought. This lets the seeds grow into useful and beautiful things. Also, the poet compares his role in making this “song” to that of a “singer” (poet refers to the poem as a song). He also says this “song” comes from the heart of the poet. Also, it leaves the poet’s soul and takes a different shape. But at its core, it’s the same, and it always comes back to the reader as love.

    The Voice of the Rain Summary in English

    In this poem, Walt Whitman talks about a time when he talked to the rain. It happened when soft drops of rain fell from the sky. “Who are you?” the poet asks the rain. Strangely, the rain says, “I am the poem of the earth.” Also, the rain said that it came into being as invisible, intangible vapours. This vapour always comes up from deep bodies of water and the land. After that, it gets to heaven, which is the sky, and changes into clouds that can take different shapes. Still, at its core, it’s the same.

    Then it comes back to earth as tiny drops that wash away with dust and make the dry, drought-stricken land green again. Because of what it does, new plants come to life that would have stayed as seeds in the ground and never grown. So, this never-ending cycle of life makes sure that the rain goes back to where it came from. It makes the earth pure and beautiful by giving it life.

    When the poet hears the rain’s story, he realises that its life is just like any song. And the poet’s heart is where the song was born. When the song is finished, it moves from one place to another. It may change or stay the same as it moves, But one day, the love of the listeners comes back to the poet.
    But the poem is written from the perspective of someone who asks the rain, “Who were you?” And the rains told him, “I am the Earth’s song.” Then it goes back to the earth to wash and feed it again. If it weren’t for the rain, the seeds would stay seeds and we wouldn’t get flowers from them.

    Also, if the rain hasn’t come back, the seeds won’t grow into their full potential and bring life back to where they came from. The poem then changes into a story that tells a song. The song tells the story of where rain comes from, where it goes, and how it comes back with love. It means that songs come from the soul, and whether they were good or bad, they always come back with love.

    When the rain goes up and down, so does the poem. Like songs and other beautiful things that come from the heart. Also, rain is like a song that comes from its birthplace, which is the poet’s heart. In addition, it goes all over the world and comes back to the poet in the form of praise. But whether it’s broken or not, it always goes back to where it was born with a lot of love.

    Conclusion of the Voice of the Rain Summary

    Through the summary of “The Voice of the Rain,” the author wants to show how the life of rain is like a song.

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