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The Treasure Within | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

The Treasure Within | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

    Summary of The Treasure Within Class 8

    Nissim Ezekiel wrote The Treasure Inside. The lesson is on Mr. Hafeez Contractor, a well-known architect. He was not an excellent student. His interests leaned towards athletics. He also received discipline from the teachers. He led a group and participated in gang battles. With the encouragement of his principal, he began studying and received a 50% grade in SSC.

    He enrolled at Jai Hind College and subsequently met with an architect who happened to be his cousin’s spouse. The architect saw his ability and invited him to attend the architecture college. He passed the examinations with flying colours and is now one of the country’s most prominent architects.

    The Treasure Within Class 8 : Summary in English

    This chapter is an extract from Mr. Hafeez Contractor’s and Ms. Bela Raja’s interviews. Hafeez Contractor had a difficult education. He did well in school throughout his first and second years. Yet, he seemed to lose interest in academics after the third grade. He was terrified of mathematics and had dreams about the maths exam. He frequently got a vision of himself presenting in a mathematical test, knowing nothing.

    As a student, he preferred playing games and pulling pranks on others. He was a great athlete who was the senior champion for several years. He was also the captain of the school’s cricket squad.

    He claims that he only passed his exams through copying and cheating. But, during class 11, his principal contacted him to offer him some advice. Despite the fact that he never studies, the principal assured him that he is an excellent student. He also informed the Contractor that he had previously taken good care of him, but that now he must take care of himself. He persuaded him to study.

    The contractor took the principal’s instructions and simply went to pray, eat, and study. As a consequence, he received 50% in his SSC examinations. When Ms Bela questioned how he was disciplined at school, he said that he was canned practically every week. That didn’t bother him, though, because he was more interested in playing. Not only that, but he was the gang boss and participated in group fights. He recalls playing ‘chor police’ for an hour one day when he was not in the mood to study.

    He wanted to join the army after finishing school. His aunt and mother, however, would not allow him to join the police force. He was admitted to Jai Hind College with considerable sway. He was meant to learn French there, but due to his lack of proficiency, he enlisted the assistance of his cousin. Her spouse was an architect, and he ultimately began going to his office to study French.

    He noticed an employee drawing a window detail, which is a highly sophisticated drawing, one day. Looking at it, he told him that the drawing was incorrect since the window depicted would not open. He won the wager, and his cousin’s spouse requested that he sketch a few particular items. He did it right away. The architect was so amazed that he invited him to study architecture.

    Only pupils with 80–90 percent were admitted to the architectural college. The principal let him take the entrance exam on the proviso that if he did not perform well, he would be denied admission. He received an ‘A+’ grade, and after that, he consistently received first-class grades.

    He went to meet Mrs. Gupta, his instructor, who had previously advised him to become an architect after he had become one. He claims that his schooling prepared him for life on the streets. He meticulously watches a customer to ascertain his preferences before sketching him. His doodles, he claims, represent his maths.

    Conclusion of The Treasure Within Class 8

    Every child has the capacity to accomplish great things and is one of a kind in terms of the way they learn and the topics that interest them. There should never be an expectation that a child will follow a course of study in which they have no interest. They will not be successful in that field if they choose to act in such a manner.

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