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The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary Class 11 English

The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

    In this story, the author talks about an event from his or her childhood. When he talks about this event, it makes him feel very old. His cousin Mourad and a beautiful white horse are involved in the story. Mourad brings a white horse to ride on a beautiful summer morning. So, he tells us how exciting horseback riding was. We learn a lot about Mourad, the cousin of the author. He then talks about how he was and how everyone in the village loved him. We find out that Mourad was a very strange person. He also tells us that it was his speciality to stay calm even when things were really bad. This is how we also find out about the horse. It also tells how they got the horse and what happened before that.

    The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary in English

    Two Armenian boys are at the centre of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse. The boys are from a tribe called Garoghlanian. Even though they were poor, we learn that they never gave up being honest. In fact, they were always honest, even when things were bad.

    In the same way, the boys never steal or lie, no matter what. This story tells about what happened when they once got a white horse. Mourad, Aram’s cousin, is 13 years old. Aram is 9 years old. Aram is very interested in the world because he is young and things are simple. Also, everyone calls Mourad the crazy one because he is.

    At 4 in the morning, Mourad goes to Aram’s house to start the story. Mourad has brought a beautiful white horse, which has surprised Aram. Mourad tells him it is a horse and that he is not dreaming. Aram didn’t believe it because he knew they were poor and couldn’t afford a horse.

    So, the two boys took care of the horse for a few weeks. They used to ride it and sing to it. But the boys didn’t tell anyone that they had a horse. They kept him in a barn in a vineyard that was empty. Aram finds out after a while that Mourad took the horse from John Byro. So, they made a plan to not give it back to him, even though they had second thoughts because of their morals.

    One day, John finally sees the boys with the beautiful white horse. But because John’s family was known for being honest, he didn’t say that they stole. On the other hand, he was so sure of what he thought that he just said that their horse looks a lot like his horse.

    As a result, this was a very emotional time for the boys. They decide to give the horse back, and the next day, John finds it at the vineyard. John is very happy and tells Aram’s mother what happened. We can also see that his horse is now healthier, better behaved, and more respectable than it was before.

    Conclusion of The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse

    To sum up The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse, we learn how important and important it is to be honest, even when greed and desire are present.

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