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The Selfish Giant  | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

The Selfish Giant  | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of The Selfish Giant, Class 8

This lesson was written by Oscar Wilde. The story’s theme is one of peaceful cooperation and the propagation of love. It tells the story of a little boy who was both God’s messenger and a self-centred behemoth. The giant prohibited the children from playing in his garden. As a result, winter was never far away from his garden.

As he saw this small youngster, he realised he was being selfish. As a result, he let the kids play in his garden and also played with them. The behemoth became weaker over time. At that time, this small child appeared and led him to heaven.

The Selfish Giant, Class 8 Summary in English

The narrative begins with the youngsters playing in the Giant’s garden every afternoon after school. The garden was beautiful, with lush grass and fruit trees. The trees bore abundant fruit, and birds sang pleasantly while perched on them.

After seven years, the monster reappeared. He was visiting his friend, the Cornish Ogre. The kids were terrified to see him. He spotted the youngsters playing and stated that he would not allow anyone to play in his garden since it was his own property. He erected a wall around it and installed a notice board. The notice board warned trespassers that they would be penalised.

The youngsters grew depressed since they had nowhere else to play. They would walk around the garden’s high walls, remembering the lovely garden within.

The spring season arrived, and there were blooms and little birds everywhere. Nevertheless, it was winter in the giant’s garden, with frost and snow. Birds did not sing in the absence of children. A flower once emerged from the grass, but after seeing the notice board, it went back to sleep. The North Wind and hailstorm followed. Autumn’s golden fruits did not arrive in his garden because of the giant’s greed.

The giant then heard some nice and exquisite music one morning. Outside his window, he could hear a linnet singing. The hail and North Wind had stopped, and he could feel the arrival of spring. He saw that the youngsters entered his garden through a little hole. The youngsters were sitting on the branches of trees, which were in full bloom. He also spotted birds flying about and heard them chirping. The flowers had also appeared.

Nevertheless, to his astonishment, there was still snow in one area. He noticed a small youngster standing nearby who was unable to reach the tree limbs. The tree’s branches were lowered, but he was still unable to ascend.

His heart warmed at this moment. He realised he was quite selfish. He decided to place the youngster on top of the tree, tear down the barriers, and let children play here indefinitely. When the children saw him, they fled, and the garden returned to winter. But, despite his tears, the small kid did not flee. The giant placed him on top of the tree, and the tree immediately flowered. He kissed the colossus.

The other children returned, having realised that the giant was not evil. They returned in the spring. Every afternoon, the giant used to play with the youngsters, but that small boy was nowhere to be seen. He became increasingly frail over time. He noticed a magnificent tree with white blooms in a nook one winter morning. The tree’s limbs were golden, and the small child stood beneath them.

The branches of the tree were golden, and a young child stood beneath them.

The youngster was injured, which enraged the monster. He promised the youngster that he would kill the man who had mistreated him. The youngster said that these were love’s wounds. The child grinned and invited the giant to his garden. Later, the youngsters discovered the monster dead beneath the white blossom-covered tree.

Conclusion of The Selfish Giant, Class 8

The lesson that we take away from the chapter titled “The Treasure Within” is that each and every child is born with unique interests and skills in a particular field. They should be encouraged to pursue their interests in order for them to be able to enjoy what they do, and it is important that this happens. The following is the It So Happened Prose Summary of The Treasure Within that was written for CBSE Class 8 English. This must have been helpful for students in the 8th grade to have a detailed understanding of the chapter.

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