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The Fight | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

The Fight | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of The Fight Class 8

It’s the story of two boys from separate states. Ranji, a Rajput, was one, and Suraj, a Punjabi, was the other. Ranji relocates to a new city and discovers a pool one day. The iridescent water entices him, and he jumps into the pool and begins swimming. He does the same thing the next day, but Suraj cuts him off. Ranji is initially pleasant, but Suraj does not reciprocate.

Because it is so hot outside, Ranji decides to go swim in the pool. He starts to enjoy the refreshingly cool water, and he swims with all his might. The following day, he goes back to the pool and has a wonderful time while he is swimming in the water. After some time has passed, he notices a boy who is standing on the edge of the pool.

They begin conversing, and while Ranji is friendly, the other boy does not show the same interest in the conversation. He tells him that he hates having conversations with locals and tries to intimidate him into leaving. This infuriates Ranji, and he makes a threat to beat him up as a result.

The argument gets heated, and then they fight with each other. Ranji is knocked dazed after receiving a slap from Suraj. They are now engaging in very fierce combat with one another. They fight to the point of exhaustion by punching each other. As a direct consequence of this, they come to the conclusion that the battle will carry on the following day.

Because Ranji is unable to keep his wounds a secret from his mother, she becomes worried about him. In spite of this, Ranji manages to sneak out of the house and head to the market, where he purchases some lemonade and jalebis. When Suraj comes around, he eats them, and then the two of them scowl at each other and walk away.

The following day, when they arrived at the pool, Ranji continued to refuse to swim despite his deteriorating condition. Ranji is challenged by Suraj to swim the length of the pool. Ranji makes a sudden entry into the water and exits it as if it were nothing by completing the task with ease.

This catches Suraj off guard, and he becomes determined to get Ranji’s instruction on how to dive. Ranji nods his head and gets to work teaching him. After some consideration, Suraj has reached the conclusion that they should keep these classes going on a daily basis. In the end, they come to an understanding and decide to become friends.

An agreement is reached thanks to Suraj, who is also a Pahlawan. In exchange for Suraj’s assistance in Ranji’s quest to become a Pahlawan, Surah would have Ranji teach her how to dive. In addition, they come to the conclusion that it is their pool, and that no one will be allowed to enter without first receiving permission from them.

As a result, they get into a major argument. They punch and kick each other. Furthermore, they continue to fight even when both of them are exhausted. They plan to fight again the next day. Suraj dares Ranji to swim across the pool the next day, and he succeeds admirably. Suraj is taken aback, so he asks him to teach him to swim, and the two become friends.

The Fight Class 8 Summary in English

The Battle, a tale about two young men, was written by Ruskin Bond. Ranji is of the Rajput caste, while Suraj is of the Punjabi caste. When Ranji first arrives in town, he immediately goes exploring and finds a pool in the middle of the jungle. This comes as a surprise to him as he has never witnessed water of such a clear quality before.

Conclusion of The Fight Class 8

The Fight summary tells us that fighting does not benefit anybody and that we should never be too proud to help one another and develop love rather than hatred with one another.

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