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The Comet – II Summary | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

The Comet – II Summary | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of The Comet – II

The Comet- II is a sequel to the preceding story, The Comet- I. Leading scientists from around the world gather for a conference in this story. This expert gathering is taking place in order to avert Comet Dutta colliding with Earth. Manoj Duttada discovered the Dutta Comet. John made the decision to convene a covert conference of experts.

These specialists came from a variety of backgrounds. Sir John also invited Duttada to this expert meeting. According to Dr. James’ and other scientists’ calculations, the impact of this collision would be terrible. The specialists’ goal was to devise a strategy to prevent Comet Dutta from colliding with Earth. These experts were able to complete their tasks successfully. However, following that, Duttada becomes aware of another, much larger-scale problem.

The Comet – II Summary in English

Sir John Macpherson and James Forsyth’s conversations came to an end. It was 1 a.m. by the time Sir John left James off at his hotel. There was scarcely anyone outdoors because it was so late.

A scientific conference was to be held, and Sir John was in charge of organising it. All of the following professionals attended the conference. Manoj Duttada was John’s special invitee, and he was also present.

This seminar lasted one week and was conducted in complete secrecy. First and foremost, the specialists double-checked James’ calculation. In addition, the most recent observations of Comet Dutta were made.

The scientists came to the conclusion that the Earth could not avoid a direct strike by the comet. Furthermore, there was a remote possibility that the comet would collide with the Earth’s atmosphere. There will not be a total loss of life and property in that case.

The scientists were opposed to defensive measures. Rather, they decided to go on the offensive. The plan was to push the comet away from Earth. This was also conceivable with nuclear power.

Sir John had reservations about the proposal. His plan was to postpone purchasing Christmas gifts until after December 15. Only then can it be determined whether or not aversion to risk has occurred.

When Duttada returned to Calcutta, the people revered him tremendously. In addition, Indrani Debi, his wife, organised a yajna.

After Sir John’s return, Duttada maintained contact with him. They became good buddies as well. Sir John hinted of Project Light Brigade to Duttada.

Comet Dutta was heading straight for Earth, showing no signs of weakening. Duttada was unable to express his concern about the comet to anyone. He had been tracking the comet on a regular basis, and it was now visible to the human eye.

As Sir John mentioned buying Christmas presents, he gave a confident smile. Comet Dutta was barely 80,000 kilometres distant on December 15. Many people began to admire it, oblivious of its peril.

Duttada imagined his grandson reciting yajna mantras. He also considered the scientists attending the conference. Furthermore, he envisioned two opposing images: one intellectual and one superstitious. He perceives a large difference between the rational and superstitious.

Conclusion of The Comet- II

The Comet-II demonstrates mankinds ability to regulate nature while also recognising the divide between logical and superstitious people.

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