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The Comet – I Summary It So Happened Class 8 English

The Comet – I Summary It So Happened Class 8 English

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of The Comet I Class 8: It So Happened

Manoj Duttada discovered a comet in The Comet: I, a story that centres around the finding of a comet. Duttada is an aspirant but inexperienced astronomer who detects a comet. His telescope was named Dibya Chakshu, which means “Divine eye.” He spends most of his time looking through his telescope. His wife’s name was Indrani Debi, and she wished that this discovery had never happened.

This was due to her natural superstition. Duttada tried to reassure his wife that comets are not to blame for Earth’s disasters. Most notably, a British scientist has predicted a collision between the Earth and the comet. Furthermore, it was predicted that this comet would hit Earth in exactly ten months. It was decided to organise a conference of worldwide experts to deal with it.

The Comet I Summary in English

The stoey of Comet begins with a moonless night in December with a gentle breeze. Because to the cool breeze, Indrani Debi’s sleep was disturbed. Duttada’s wife, Indrani, was an amateur scientist.Duttada was watching the stars with his telescope, Dibya Chakshu, at the moment. Duttada had not shut the door and was not dressed warmly. This is due to his preoccupation with his telescope.

To Indrani Debi, the telescope represented a crafty woman who had captured her husband. Duttada needed money to purchase a telescope and spare time to examine the stars. He now had both in retirement.Duttada aspired to discover a new comet. Comets can be novel since they originate in distant parts of the solar system. When a comet approaches the sun, its longish tail glows in the sunlight.

Because other expert astronomers were concentrating on galaxies, Duttada was enthusiastic about spotting a new comet. The next night, Duttada discovered a new comet. Nevertheless, his computations were flawless.The finding of Duttada was published in the ‘Ananda Bazar Patrika’. Duttada had alerted the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) in Bangalore of the comet’s location. Following that, IIA confirmed the finding, and the comet was called Dutta.

Due to his introverted character, Duttada disliked attending numerous parties and receptions. Furthermore, his wife claimed that comets bring ill luck, thus she wished that this discovery never happened. Furthermore, Duttada informed her that comets had nothing to do with Earth’s troubles.James, an astronomer, received a letter from John Macpherson at King’s College, Cambridge. John informed James that he would like to meet with him that night and that this topic must be kept private.

Sir John Macpherson gave James a typescript that was to be published in ‘Nature’. John informed James that the editor of ‘Nature’ was a friend of his. This was a significant manuscript that was about to be published.Comet Dutta was predicted to smash into Earth by James. This would undoubtedly be a major disaster. He assured Sir John that his calculations were precise. With the exception of a few exceptional circumstances, the collision would very likely occur.

This collision will happen in exactly ten months. This gives living organisms only ten months to survive. Sir John suggested that an expert meeting be convened and that the topic be kept secret to minimise panic. Sir John began planning for an international meeting.

Conclusion of The Comet I

Comet-I shows us that not all discoveries are good and some are bad.

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