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The Browning Version Summary Class 11 English

The Browning Version Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of the Browning Version

    The Browning Version Summary: This play shows how high school students feel about their teacher. Also, his comments are terrible because they are so close to the truth. He makes Mr. Crocker-voice Harris’s sound like his own. And say that the man is almost not human. He is very worried about his teacher. Also, his promotion depends on whether or not his teacher likes him. But the other science teacher gets him to talk when she tells him to. Also, the teen doesn’t like Greek play because he doesn’t like how the teacher teaches it. Also, Mr. Crocker-Harris seems to hate people to make them like him. Also, this way of talking about a teacher is hurtful. And, in the end, it shows how hopeless teachers are.

    The Browning Version Summary in English

    The first scene of this play takes place in a school. In the beginning, there is a boy named Taplow who is sixteen years old. He has come to help his teacher, Mr. Crocker-Harris, with some extra work. Also, he has to wait for him because he hasn’t arrived yet. Frank, who is also a teacher, sees Taplow waiting and starts to talk to him.
    During the conversation, Frank found out that Taplow is still waiting for his test results. The boy wants to learn more about science and hopes to do well. Mr. Crocker-Harris doesn’t make the announcement himself. Instead, ask the headmaster to make the announcement on the last day of school.

    The conversation also shows what’s going on in Taplow’s head. He tells Frank that he doesn’t like the play “Agamemnon” very much. He says that the play isn’t all that bad, but that he prefers science. Also, he says that Mr. Harris’s way of teaching it is terrible.
    He missed a class a week ago, so they have to do extra work. Frank says that Taplow will be “removed” for having to do extra work. Taplow, on the other hand, feels different. Taplow says that these rules don’t work for Mr. Crocker-Harris because he is not like other teachers. Also, he doesn’t like it when students do work outside of class.
    Taplow says that Mr. Harris is not like any other teacher. He is harsh and cruel. Also, he doesn’t tell them how they did until the day of judgement. When Taplow asks Crocker-Harris if he should be fired, Crocker-Harris says, “No less; and certainly no more.”

    Frank said that Crocker-Harris was 10 minutes late and that Taplow could leave to go play golf. But Taplow looks shocked at this idea because he thinks Mr. Crocker-Harris might follow him home.
    Frank wished he had the power that Mr. Harris has over his students. Frank asks Taplow if Mr. Harris beats them. Taplow says he is not a sadist when Frank asks if he is. And he is not the kind of person who would hit students to show how angry he is.

    Even so, he likes Mr. Harris and tells a story about how he laughed at a joke Mr. Harris told, even though he didn’t understand it.
    Then, Mr. Crocker-wife, Harris’s Mille Crocker-Harris, walks into the room. She tells Taplow to leave for 15 minutes and come back. Since Mr. Harris has been at Bursar’s, it may take a long time for him to come.

    Taplow doesn’t understand Mrs. Harris’s actions. Taplow doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want to disobey his scary teacher. When Mille tells Taplow she will take the blame and comes up with a reason for him to be absent. Mille gives Taplow a prescription and tells him to get the medicine for Harris at a pharmacy. So, Taplow agrees to the plan and leaves Mrs. Harris and Frank behind.

    Conclusion of the Browning Version Summary

    Through the summary of the Browning Version, the author wants to show that teachers aren’t as bad as they seem and that all they want is what’s best for their students.

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