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The Beggar Class 9 English, Moments Summary

The Beggar Class 9 English, Moments Summary

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023


    This shows how kindness and compassion can change the way people act. In the story, Sergei, a lawyer, gives Lushkoff, a beggar, a job. Lushkoff agrees to do the work, but the work is done by Sergei’s cook, Olga, who is an old woman. The way Lushkoff lives changes because of her kindness and care. Because Olga helps him out of the goodness of her heart, Lushkoff starts to live a good life and becomes a


    A beggar stopped a lawyer named Sergei one day. The poor man asked Sergei to feel sorry for him. He also said that he hadn’t eaten anything in three days. The beggar told Sergei that he had been a teacher for eight years but had lost his job about a year ago.

    Sergei looked at the homeless person. He had on a ragged, fawn-colored (light yellowish) coat. He looked like he was drunk. Each cheek had a red spot. The beggar told Sergei that he had found a job in the province of Kaluga and needed money to get there.
    Sergei could tell who the beggar was by his shoes as they talked. Both of the beggar’s shoes were different heights. Sergei told the beggar that he had met him before on Sadovya street, where the beggar had told him he was a student. Sergei told the beggar he would call the police if he didn’t stop.

    After Sergei’s threat, the beggar admitted that he had lied to him to get money. He told Sergei that he used to sing in a Russian group but was kicked out because he drank too much. Now, he couldn’t find work anywhere, so he had no choice but to ask for money. So, to get money, he lied.

    Sergei gave the beggar work chopping wood after he told him the truth. The beggar didn’t want to work, but out of shame, he did. So, Sergei invited the man to stay with him. He told Olga, who was his cook, to take the beggar into the wood shed. Olga gave the beggar an axe to cut the wood. The beggar tried to chop the wood, but he couldn’t. Sergei realised that he was keeping a drunk man who was too weak to work.

    After an hour, the wood was cut. The beggar was given half a rouble and told he could get work at Sergei’s house at the beginning of the month. Different jobs were given to the beggar. He would clear the snow, cut wood, clean the rugs and mattresses, and do many other things. Sergei moved into a new house, and a beggar was called to help pack and move the furniture. The poor person looked weak and sick. He didn’t do much to help Sergei move or carry furniture. Sergei didn’t want to give him hard work, so he sent him to his friend to do something easy. Sergei called the beggar after he moved and found out that his name was Lushkoff. Sergei wrote Lushkoft a letter and told him to get a new job from his friend.

    After two years, Sergei saw Lushkoff at the theatre one night. He found Lushkoff near the place where you buy tickets. He had a curly fur collar on his coat and a sealskin cap on his head. Lushkoff told Sergei that he had become a notary and was now making 35 roubles a month. Lushkoff told Sergei how much he appreciated his help and advice. He also thanked Sergei’s cook, Olga, who, he said, was the one who made him change.

    Lushkoff told Sergei that Olga’s kindness had made him a different person. Olga was the one who told him off and cried for him. Lushkoff told Sergei that he didn’t help him cut any wood. The wood was cut by Olga. The kind things Olga did for him changed his heart and made him a more responsible person.

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