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The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role Summary Class 11 English

The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role Summary Class 11 English

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22 Aug 2023

    Summary of The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

    In this chapter, we will look at the reasons why the health of our planet is getting worse. At first, this chapter was an article. Nani Palkhivala is the person who wrote this article. This article came out in the newspaper “The Indian Express” on November 23, 1994. The author of this article thinks about the Green Movement. The summary of The Sick Planet: The Role of the Green Movement talks about how a zoo said that humans are the “world’s most dangerous animals.

    The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role Summary in English

    The writer describes how people’s views of society have changed from a focus on material things to a more global and ecological view of the world. It says that people now worry about how they affect the environment. In this way of looking at the world, our planet is seen as a living thing. People think that it has its own metabolic system, just like all other living things.

    The author then talks about the idea of “sustainable growth” from 1987. “Meets the needs and wants of the present without taking away the ability of future generations to do the same.” Also, we need to use natural resources in a way that meets our needs and keeps them safe for future generations. People don’t see themselves as part of this planet. Instead, they see themselves as a partner. In fact, we work together with millions of other living things on this planet.

    A book called The Global Economic Prospect says that the world’s four most important biological systems are fisheries, forests, croplands, and grasslands. Almost all of the raw materials that industries use today are in these. There is a use of these resources that is not sustainable. The writer is also worried about the amount of forest land shrinking. We should use dung as a natural fertiliser, but most of the time we use it to make fuel. On the other hand, there is no natural fertiliser going into the soil.

    The writer then talks about Article 48A of the Indian Constitution. In Article 48A, it says that the government should protect and improve the forest and wildlife. But they don’t follow the law the right way. Then, the author talks about a report from a Parliamentary committee that says 3.7 million acres of forest are lost every year. The United Nations warns that the environment has gotten so bad in many of the 88 countries they looked at that it is now in a critical state.

    People are being born at a very high rate. The best ways to solve people’s problems are through development and growth. Development is hard to do when there are so many people. We need good family planning to stop people from having too many children. It is very important to keep track of the number of people on Earth. At this point, the author says again how people’s views on ecology have changed for the better. Industries must also do their part to make the ecosystem better.

    Conclusion of The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role

    To sum up, the ailing planet: the green movement’s role tells us that our planet is in a very bad shape and that we must do everything we can to save it.

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