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The Adventure Summary Class 11 English

The Adventure Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of The Adventure

    Gangadharpant, the Historian, is the main character of the story, which is about an event in history. This story by Jayant Narlikar shows how Gangadharpant, also known as Professor Gaitonde, travels through time. It starts with the professor wondering what would have happened to India if the Marathas hadn’t given the East India Company a special permission to stay in Mumbai. He thinks that this move and the mistakes made by Maratha soldiers at the Battle of Panipat cost a lot. As he reads in the Bakhar about how Vishwa barely escaped death during the battle with Abdali, he has an accident. So, he moves from one world to another, and this story tells us about the new world he moves into. It is a great lesson that combines history and science in a great way.

    The Adventure Summary in English

    Jayant Narlikar wrote The Adventure in a way that is both interesting and full of useful information. He gave the student just the right mix of history and science. We see that Professor Gaitonde, a historian, goes back in time in some way. When he goes back in time, he sees something that wasn’t there before. He finds himself in Mumbai, a city he has never seen before.

    The Mumbai he is in now is not at all like the real Mumbai. He gets off at Victoria Terminus Station, which, to his surprise, is very clean. “Greater Bombay Metropolitan Railway” is written on the sides of the train cars. The staffs were also made up of Anglo-Indians and a few British officers.

    Gaitonde saw the East India Company Headquarters when he got out of the train. In the same way, most of the buildings were owned by British brands and banks. In fact, Forbes, where his son worked, wasn’t even there. So, to solve the puzzle, he went to the Library and read about the battle of Panipat. When he reads it, he finds out that some of the details are not what really happened. He also reads that the British did not rule India, which surprised him.

    After going to the library, he went to the Azad Maidan, where he got into a fight with people in the crowd. Gaitonde came out of his time-traveling dream when he was thrown off the stage. He was passed out in Azad Maidan. So, he goes to see Professor Deshpande to find out why. During his visit, he finds out that reality is different from what we can see and feel. So, the world we live in can take many forms or have many dimensions.

    So, physicists think there are many other worlds besides the ones we can see with our senses. He also says that Gaitonde went to another world because he was in a coma at the time because of an accident. In the same way, since the last thing he was thinking about was the battle of Panipat, he went back to that time and saw only what was in his mind.

    Conclusion of The Adventure

    TIn The Adventure, we learn that there are other realities besides the ones we can see and feel. These other realities may seem real, but they are all in our heads.

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