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Ranga’s Marriage Summary Class 11 English

Ranga’s Marriage Summary Class 11 English

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22 Aug 2023

    Summary of Ranga’s Marriage

    Masti Venkatesha Iyengar wrote the story of Ranga’s wedding. In this story, the person telling it tells us about a very interesting thing that happened to him. It’s about a place called Hosahali. There was a boy in that village whose name was Ranga. The boy is unique because he is the first person to learn English in Bangalore. So, when he comes back, both the narrator and the villagers want to see him. They think that the Ranga will change now, but nothing happens to him. The person telling the story decides to set Ranga up with a good girl. So, we find out how the marriage comes about and what else happens during that time. It’s a good story about marriage and life in a village.

    Ranga’s Marriage Summary in English

    Ranga is a boy who lives in the Mysore village of Hoshali. He goes to Bangalore to get an education in English. When he got back to the village, everyone went to his house to see if anything had changed. But Ranga is still the same as before, which makes them sad.

    He even said Namaskar to everyone, which made everyone leave. The village of Hoshali is nice, and the mangoes there are very good. Hoshali is a small, not very well-known village. After the villagers leave Ranga’s house, the narrator stays there to talk with him.

    So, they started talking, and the narrator thought it would be a good idea to find Ranga a good girl, since he wasn’t thinking about getting married yet and only wanted to marry a mature and admirable girl. So, the person telling the story decides for sure that he will get Ranga married. He thinks that Ratna and Ranga would get along great. Ratna is from a big town, and she is very good at playing the veena and the harmonium.

    So, he decides to call Ratna on purpose when Ranga comes to see him. Ranga is mesmerised by Ratna when he sees her. But the narrator plays a trick on Ranga and tells him that she is married. This makes Ranga sad because he has grown to like her. According to the plan of the narrator, he takes Ranga to an astrologer.
    Ranga has already talked to an astrologer and made plans for everything. So, the astrologer asks Ranga some questions that get him to admit that he likes Ratna. Her marriage problem was at the top of the list. Still, the astrologer tells Ranga that he loves a girl with a name that sounds like Ratna. When Ranga hears this, she is both happy and sad because she can’t be there.

    So, once Ranga knows for sure that he loves Ratna, he makes plans for them to get married. The person telling the story goes to Ratna’s house to ask her to marry Ranga. The story ends with a quick jump ahead ten years. Ranga is coming to the storyteller’s house for his son’s third birthday. We learn that Ranga and Ratna got married, and that Ranga named their son after the narrator, who set up the marriage.

    Conclusion of Ranga’s Marriage

    In Ranga’s Marriage Summary, we learn about the beauty of a small village and its traditions and customs. It also shows how hard it is to keep our culture from becoming too westernised.

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