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NCERT Solutions Class 8 English Poem Chapter 1 The Ant and the Cricket

NCERT Solutions Class 8 English Poem Chapter 1 The Ant and the Cricket

Etutor Guru

21 Aug 2023

    Comprehension check:-

    Working with the Poem :-

    Q 1. The cricket says, “Oh! what will become of me?” When does he say it, and why ?

    Ans. This is what the cricket says when winter arrives. He says this because he doesn’t have any shelter or food for the winter. He believes he will die of hunger and sorrow.

    Q 2. (i) Find in the poem the lines that mean the same as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” (Shakespeare).

    Ans. “ But we ants never borrow : we ants never lend.”

    (ii) What is your opinion of the ant’s principles ?

    Ans. I believe ants can follow these principles, but it is extremely difficult for humans to do so in letter and spirit. We can borrow or lend money, but we must be fair in our dealings.

    Q 3. The ant tells the cricket to “dance the winter away”. Do you think the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here? If so, why ?

    Ans. Yes, the term “dance” applies here. It is used as a satire on cricket’s carelessness.

    Q.4  (i) Which lines in the poem express the poet’s comment? Read them aloud.

    Ans. This is known as a fable. I guarantee it’s true:

    (ii) Write the comment in your own words.

    Ans. This is not a made-up story, according to the poet. Anyone who is careless and lazy in life will run into problems.

    Some important dates :-

    American Declaration of Independence.

    Ans.  4 July 1776.

    Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first flight, remaining  in the air for 12 seconds and covering 120 feet.

    Ans. 17 December 1903

    Hiroshima Day an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in Japan on this day.

    Ans. 6 August 1945.

    Assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.   

    Ans. 30 January 1948

    Yuri A. Gagarin became the first human to orbit the Earth.

    Ans. 12 April 1961

    Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon.

    Ans. 20 July 1969

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