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NCERT Solutions Class 8 English it so happened Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant

NCERT Solutions Class 8 English it so happened Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant

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21 Aug 2023

    Comprehension check:-

    Q 1. Why is the Giant called selfish?

    Ans. Because he disallows the kids from playing in his garden, the Giant is referred to as being egotistical. He expelled them. Except for himself, he didn’t want anyone else to play in his garden.

    Q 2. On one occasion the children said: “How happy we are here!” Later they said: “How happy we were there!”  What are they referring to in both the cases ?

    Ans. The kids loved playing in the garden when the Giant wasn’t there. They exclaimed, “How happy we are to be here!” The Giant erected a tall wall around the garden when he returned. The kids were no longer able to play in it. So they said,” How happy we were there!”

    Q 3. (i) When spring came, it was still winter in the garden. What does winter stand for or indicate here ?

    Ans. Winter is used in this story to represent how the Giant’s garden appeared lifeless. The trees were barren of flowers and fruit. There were no chirping birds. No joy was present.

    (ii) Winter has been presented like a story with its own characters and their activities. Describe the story in your own words.

    Ans. Winter had already established a permanent residence in the garden when the Giant forbade the kids from playing there. The garden was devoid of any fruit, flowers, or birds. The main characters in the garden were the Snow, Frost, North Wind, and Hail.

    Q 4. Was the Giant happy or sad over the state of the garden ?

    Ans. The condition of the Giant’s garden made him unhappy. He was eagerly awaiting spring, but it never arrived.

    Q 5. What effect did the linnet’s song have over Hail and the North Wind?

    Ans. The Hail stopped dancing over his head, and the North Wind quieted down after hearing the linnet’s song in the garden.

    Comprehension Check:-

    Q.1 (i) The Giant saw a most wonderful sight. What did he see ?

    Ans. He observed that the kids had entered through a small wall crack. They were perched in the trees’ branches. The children, the blossoms, and the birds were welcomed back by the trees with open arms.

    (ii) What did he realise on seeing it ?

    Ans. He was overjoyed to see his garden in such a lovely light. His heart softened. He swore at himself for being egotistical.

    Q 2. Why was it still winter in one corner of the garden ?

    Ans. There was a tree in one of the garden’s corners that was completely covered in frost and snow. A young boy tried to climb the tree but was unsuccessful. He was pacing the area while bitterly sobbing.

    Q 3. Describe the first meeting of the little boy and the Giant.

    Ans. The young boy first encountered the Giant, who placed him gently up into the tree after taking him in his arms. The young boy kissed the Giant while spreading his two arms out in front of him.

    Q 4. Describe their second meeting after a long interval.

    Ans. After a lengthy absence of many years, the young boy and the giant finally crossed paths again. The young boy was in the Giant’s garden, standing beneath a tree. The boy had two nail prints on his hands and two nail prints on his feet. The boy informed the giant that those were love’s wounds. The boy informed him that his garden’s name is Paradise and that he had come to take him there.

    Q 5. The Giant lay dead, all covered with white blossoms. What does this sentence indicate about the once selfish Giant?

    Ans.This statement implies that God forgave the Giant’s self-centeredness. He had received a place in “Paradise” as a gift from God.

    Exercise :-

    Discuss the following topics in groups:-

    Q 1. The little child’s hands and feet had marks of nails. Who does the child remind you of ? Give a reason for your answer.

    Ans. The youngster makes us think of Jesus Christ. Jews nailed Jesus’ palms and feet to a wall as he was being executed by hanging. Jesus Christ had appeared to the Giant as the young boy.

    Q 2. Is  there something like this garden near where you live ? Would you like one (without the Giant perhaps) and why ? What would you do to keep it in good shape ?

    Ans. Yes, there is a lovely garden close to my home. I play in this garden the majority of the time. Any Giant in the garden is not tolerated by me. I would water the plants to keep them healthy, and I would never pick flowers.

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