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Jalebis Summary | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

Jalebis Summary | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of Jalebis Class 8

The main character of “Jalebis” is a sincere young boy who is on his way to school. In addition to that, this young man is going to bring cash with him so that he can pay for his educational costs. Also, the sight of jalebis that have been fried to a golden crisp excites him. The sound of coins rattling around in his pocket could be heard. The boy eventually gives in to the allure of the jalebis and consumes one. As a direct consequence of this, he went out and bought a huge quantity of jalebis for himself to enjoy. The following day, a discussion regarding the payment of school fees took place.

The boy’s fear caused him to experience conversion. In the midst of these difficult circumstances, he started talking to God in prayer and asking for help. He waits in the vain hope that a miracle will occur, but nothing does. The young man will eventually find himself in a sticky situation from which he will gain valuable insight. The most important thing that he learns is how to differentiate between things that are imagined and things that are real. In addition to this, he realises that there is a purpose behind everything that takes place.

Jalebis Class 8 Summary in English

Munna, a student in the fifth grade, arrived at school with only four rupees in his pocket to cover the expenses associated with attending school. However, since his instructor, Master Ghulam Mohammed, was not present on that particular day, it was not possible to pay the fees. As Munna was making his way back, he caught a glimpse of Jalebis, which tempted him. At this precise moment, the money that was already in his pocket started to jingle.

That particular day, however, coins engaged in conversation, whereas normally they do not. This was nothing more than the imagination of a young child. One rupiya informed Munna that the jalebis were for consumption and that she needed to spend money.

Because Munna needed the money for school, she disregarded the recommendation of the one rupiya. If he squanders money, he won’t be able to look both God and his instructor in the eye. In addition to that, he had a lot of food at home.

The rupiyas became agitated as a result of Munna’s thoughts, and they began to shout angrily. Munna was told by the rupiya that had been around the longest that the other coins were giving him advice for his own benefit. The oldest rupiya shared with Munna the information that he would be able to pay his tuition the day after he was awarded his scholarship.

In the end, Munna was unable to resist the allure of the jalebis, and he spent one rupee on their purchase. After that, Munna stuffed his face with jalebis. In addition to this, a large group of children arrived, and Munna bought jalebis for every single one of them.

After returning home, Munna had a difficult time breaking down the Jalebis. The next day at school, Munna was confronted with an additional problem that she needed to resolve. On that particular day, he was unsuccessful in his attempt to secure a scholarship.

After that, Munna left the school and immediately began praying to God for a solution involving four rupees. After that, Munna went over to an area close to a train track and sat down there. He also thought about the unfortunate circumstances he was in.

In his time of need, Munna prayed to a higher power. In addition to that, he read the Holy Book known as the Quran. When he looked in his bag, he was dismayed to discover that he did not have any coins with him. He started talking to God about the four rupees all over again.

The next day, Munna would dress herself in clean clothes, as she made the decision to do so. It was his intention to keep praying to God until the noon hour. Then, his family was informed of his absence from school when they returned home.

After some time had passed, Munna reflected on what might have occurred if God had gifted him with four rupees. Suddenly, it dawned on him that if God granted everything to whoever asked for it, there would be no difference between humans and other animals, including birds. In addition, a man would not acquire any knowledge because he would have everything he desired without having to make any effort at all. As a result of this experience, Munna was able to pick up some valuable information.

Conclusion of Jalebis Class 8

The Jalebis summary shows us that lying can bring us into so much difficulty that even God cannot save us.

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