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In the Kingdom of Fools Class 9 English, Moments Summary

In the Kingdom of Fools Class 9 English, Moments Summary

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023


    This is a story about a kingdom where the king and his minister are both very stupid. People follow a strange order that they give out. So, it is the wise guru who changes the order and puts things back to normal in the Kingdom. The story shows how foolish people can be dangerous. It also shows that stupid people, like the king and his minister, can be very hard to control. Fools live in their own perfect worlds and are hard to impress. Smart people like the Guru are the only ones who can handle them.


    Once upon a time, there was a kingdom where both the king and the minister were idiots. They decided to do everything backwards. Everyone had to work at night and sleep during the day. If anyone in the kingdom didn’t do what they were told, they would be killed. One day, a wise man and his student came to this Kingdom. They were surprised to find that even the animals were sleeping during the day in the Kingdom. As soon as it got dark, everybody got up and went to work. At this point, both the teacher and the student were very hungry, so they went to a store to buy food. They were surprised that everything cost the same, which was one duddu.

    At first, the Guru and his student were happy because they could buy all the food they needed with just one Rupee. But the guru quickly realised it was the kingdom of fools, so he decided to leave. He told his student that he couldn’t tell how the fools would act, so it wasn’t safe to stay there. But the disciple wasn’t ready because he liked to eat and food in the kingdom was cheap. The guru finally left the kingdom. The disciple ate the cheap food every day and got fat.

    A thief once broke into the home of a wealthy merchant by making a hole in the wall. When the thief was carrying stolen things out of the old house, the wall fell on his head, killing him right there. The thief’s brother went to the king and said that the man who owned the house where his brother died should be punished. The King called the merchant to his court and told him that the thief had died because his house had a weak wall and that the merchant would be punished. But the merchant said the wall was built when his father was alive and that the bricklayer who built the wall was to blame.

    They took the bricklayer to court. He said that when he was building the wall, the sound of the girl’s anklets dancing made him think about something else. So, instead of him, she should get in trouble. The bricklayer’s explanation was good enough for the King. The girl who danced was brought into court. She said that the Goldsmith was to blame. She said that the goldsmith kept delaying her order, so she had to walk up and down the street a lot.

    The Goldsmith was taken to court. He said that he couldn’t finish the dancing girl’s order on time because he had to finish an order for a rich merchant. This wealthy merchant was the father of the merchant whose house wall had fallen. So, the merchant was called for a second time. The merchant said that his father had ordered the jewellery, but that his father was dead now. So, the King decided that the merchant would be punished instead of the merchant’s father, who had already died.

    For the execution, a new stake was ordered, but the merchant was too thin to fit on it. So, it was decided to look for someone who could fill the role. The disciple was found to be worthy of being burned at the stake, so he was taken to court to face his punishment. The student remembered that his Guru had said that the city was full of fools who could hurt him.

    With his magical powers, the guru saw everything and came to save his disciple. He told the disciple quietly in his ear what he was going to do to avoid being killed. The Guru used his words to try to trick the King. The Guru and his student started fighting over who should die first. The way they were acting was strange to the King. He asked the guru why they both wanted to be the first one to die. The guru said that it was God’s business. Whoever died first would be king in their next life, and whoever died second would be minister.

    After hearing what the Guru had to say, the King and his minister decided to die instead of the Guru and his disciple. In the next life, they didn’t want to lose their kingdom. So, they went to the prison in secret and got the Guru and his student out. They did what they were told and were killed the next morning.
    When the King and Minister died, the people of the kingdom asked the guru and his student to take their places. The Guru and his student agreed to the idea, but only if the old rules were changed. Now, the kingdom was the same as any other.

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