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Geography Lesson Summary Class 8 English HoneyDew

Geography Lesson Summary Class 8 English HoneyDew

Etutor Guru

20 Aug 2023

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Summary of Geography Lesson Class 8 English HoneyDew

Zulfikar Ghose is the author of this poem. Ghose was born in India before the country’s independence. He eventually settled in Pakistan after independence, and he now lives in the United States. This is a single stanza poem of 24 lines with no rhyme system. Ghose discusses three topics in this poem: first, how everything appears from the sky, second, how civilization was established, and last, why people hate one another.

The poet claims that when he observes the city from a plane, he notices that it is not well-planned. He recognises the importance of water in a variety of activities such as agriculture, transportation, and business. As the plane rises in altitude, he considers how humans have created barriers and despise one another.

Geography Lesson Class 8 Summary in English

The poem expresses the poet’s worry about the social divide and tension. The author opens the poem by flying over the city. He claims that from that height, everything appears to be too little. He has a clear view of the entire city. He also notices that the city is poorly designed and unorganised. As a result, it lacks a distinct style.

When the jet reached a height of 10,000 feet, he could see that the cities were near rivers or other bodies of water. He sees that the lack of water supplies is the cause of the disorganised cities. Cities arose in response to the needs of the people. Humans like to live near water resources since water is required for practically all of their activities. He recognises that fertile land and water are essential to human survival. As a result, he can perceive the logical basis for city development.

Water is essential for human survival. Water is required for practically all human activities, including agriculture, manufacturing, commerce, and transportation. He also understands that the Earth has more water than land and that it is spherical.

Finally, he wonders why humans on Earth have constructed barriers, limits, and fences. According to the poet, humans have a great deal of information about the Earth, its shape, and the creation of civilizations, cities, and nations. Nevertheless, in this search, we have learned nothing about how to live happily on our magnificent planet. He doesn’t understand why people dislike each other so much. He believes, are selfish, envious, and have a restricted perspective. He also discovers that the Earth is one, but that humans have split and fractured it.

He also believes that people on earth are not living in peace for selfish motives. This earth would be a lovely, beautiful, and awesome place to live if people decided to put aside their differences and live peacefully together.

Conclusion of Geography Lesson, Class 8 English

The poem’s message is that we must use natural resources responsibly, such as land and water. Also, we will all live in harmony and not quarrel over small matters. We can make the Planet a more lovely place to live in this way.

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