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Children at Work | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

Children at Work | Class 8 CBSE English | It So Happened

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20 Aug 2023

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Summary of Children at Work Class 8

Geeta Wolf is the author of this story. It’s a touching story of a little child named Velu who has fled his home. Velu’s father was a drinker who beat him every day. He arrived in Chennai after fleeing his home.

Here, he met Jaya, a girl who took him to her house with her. Jaya worked as a ragpicker. She provided food for Velu as well as refuge at her home. Velu eventually became a ragpicker as well. Yet he planned to leave this job as soon as he found anything better.

Children at Work Class 8 Summary In English

Velu, an eleven-year-old kid, is at the centre of this narrative. Velu fled his home because his father was an alcoholic. His father robbed him and his sister of all their earnings and abused them. He chose to flee his house since he was tired of being beaten on a daily basis. He boarded the Kanyakumari express after spending the entire day wandering about Coonoor. He got on the train without a ticket because he didn’t have any money.

He arrived at Chennai Central Station. Velu saw that there were a lot of individuals in a rush all around him. The announcements over the loudspeaker were also audible to him. Velu had taken an unreserved bus that had individuals playing cards and yelling the whole night. As a result, he couldn’t sleep and felt exhausted. His legs were also trembling. He sat on a bench since he was lonely in a new environment.

Jaya, a little girl, noticed him and approached him. Jaya worked as a ragpicker. He was first apprehensive to speak with her, but she assured him that she could arrange meals for him. Although he had no other choice, he consented to go along with her. She drove her through the congested streets and traffic. Velu was alarmed to see so many cars on the road. As they passed the Central Prison, Jaya advised him not to become a target of the police.

They finally reached a marriage hall. Jaya found two bananas and vada in the garbage bin. She offered food to Velu, but he was hesitant to eat it. Being hungry, he had no other but to eat it. Jaya gave a vada and a banana to Velu and ate a banana herself. After having food, she took him to her house. It was a slum house. It was made from waste materials such as old tyres, plastic sheets, and bricks.

Jaya also offered Velu a sack and requested that he assist her. She explained to him that she collects scrap items from various locations and then sells them to scrappers. They are sold to industries by the scrapper. As a result, Velu has also become a ragpicker. Nonetheless, he resolved that as soon as he found another job, he would leave his position as a ragpicker.

Conclusion of Children at work Class 8

The story encourages us to treat children appropriately so that they do not take such drastic measures. It also tells us that we must assist such youngsters.

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