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Birth Summary Class 11 English

Birth Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of Birth

    This chapter starts with Andrew Manson having a fight with his girlfriend. He had just finished medical school and was upset about something. Also, he was in a very bad mood on the way home. When he got home, he saw that Joe Morgan was still waiting for him. After 20 years of marriage, her husband was expecting his first child. So, a doctor was needed to help with the delivery. When he gets to Joe’s house, he finds that his wife is in labour. And everyone was very excited about the birth. But Mrs. Morgan was given medicine to make her sleepy, and when morning came, a child was born that was already dead. The child’s face was pale, and it looked like he or she had seen someone die. So, Manson remembers right away a similar case from medical school. So he started working on the child because the happiness of the whole family depended on it. He works hard for half an hour and is able to save the child.

    Birth Summary in English

    The story is from a book called “The Citadel.” It also tells how a new doctor deals with a case of a baby being born. Also, he hides the fact that he is still alive in a child who seems to be dead. He uses everything he knows about medicine and his instincts to do this. The story also shows how excited the doctor and his team were.
    At the beginning of the story, Andrew Manson, who had just graduated from medical school, was going home after a fight with his girlfriend, Christine. When he gets home, Joe Morgan is waiting for him to help him with his wife. Even though it was late, he went to her because she was going to have her first child in 20 years.

    At Joe’s house, he saw a midwife taking care of a woman who was in a lot of pain. Andrew sees Mrs. Morgan and stops for a moment because he knows it will take a while. While he is sitting, his thoughts start to drift to other people. Like Barnwell, who made the mistake of giving his whole life to a woman who ended up betraying him. He also remembers Edward Page, who married a bad-tempered man named Bowden and was now unhappy and living apart from his wife. Andrew had to go back to the patient to help them.

    After an hour of hard work, a child was born just before dawn, but it was already dead. Andrew shook in fear when he saw the child. After that, he looks at the mother, who needs help right away. So, Andrew has to decide between his mother and his child.

    He gave the baby to the nurse and went to help the unconscious mother first. Andrew could now take care of the baby because her heartbeat was getting stronger. Andrew then asked the midwife about the baby she had put under the bed with the wet newspapers. So, Andrew pulls out the perfect-looking baby. He couldn’t figure out that the person was dying of asphyxiation because their blood had too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen. He also didn’t give up and started giving the child the care he needed. But the midwife told him over and over that the baby was dead, but he wouldn’t listen. He also keeps getting treatment.

    Near the end, a miracle happened: he rubbed the child’s chest with a towel and loosened the child’s chest with both hands. He tries to give the limp body air. After a while, the child’s chest made a short, hard movement, and the child turned around.

    Andrew finally let out a big sigh of relief and gave the baby to the nurse. After that, he told Joe, who was outside, the whole story as he walked down the street. He is very happy with himself for being able to do something great.

    Conclusion of Birth Summary

    Through the birth summary, the author wants to show how hard doctors work and tell us to keep trying.

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