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Albert Einstein at School Summary Class 11 English

Albert Einstein at School Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of Albert Einstein at School

    It comes from the book The Young Einstein. This book was written by Patrick Pringle. This passage tells us about the problems that Albert Einstein had when he was in school. We can see that he didn’t really like school. It’s mostly about how Albert went against the usual ways of teaching. He also always felt like he didn’t belong. We also find out that the teachers don’t like him either. Because he asked good questions and brought up good points. So, we will find out something about the genius physicist’s childhood that we have never heard before. We can see that even the smartest people had problems with their intelligence.

    Albert Einstein at School Summary in English

    This story tells us about the man who started modern physics. Everyone knows about Albert Einstein’s important contributions to physics and the theory of relativity. But this story brings up his not so great school days. Everyone must assume that someone with such a brilliant mind would have done well in school. It wasn’t like that when he was in school, though.

    At the beginning of the story, a young boy named Albert is in his History class. When the teacher asks him about a certain date, Albert says it’s useless to remember dates. He thought he could just turn the pages whenever he wanted to find out when something happened. So, he didn’t think facts could be made up.

    So, we find out that Albert doesn’t like school because it uses old-fashioned ways of teaching. He doesn’t like the usual ways to learn. In the same way, his teachers don’t like him much either. They think he is a shame, and the History teacher didn’t like him very much. When this happens in History class, the teacher gets mad and tells him to leave.

    Einstein didn’t like his home either, because he didn’t feel at ease there. In fact, Einstein hated school so much that he thought about never passing the tests he needed to get his high school diploma. Since he likes Science, he wishes he could just study that. Also, he doesn’t understand why he needs to learn about things that are not interesting to him.

    After that, they sent him to Munich, where the same thing happened. Albert wasn’t interested in going, so he was just wasting his father’s money. He now realises that he should quit school altogether, so he asks his friend Yuri to find a doctor. He plans to ask the doctor to say that he is crazy and can’t go to school. Albert tells the doctor that he loves maths when they meet. Then, the headmaster called him and told him some shocking news.

    He tells Albert that they want him to leave school because of how he has been acting. They think that his behaviour makes it hard to focus on studying. Albert was surprised because he was ready to present the medical report, but the school sent him home instead. So, he leaves the school without even looking back. The last person he sees is Yuri, who says goodbye and wishes him luck in the future.

    Conclusion of Albert Einstein at School

    To sum up Albert Einstein at School, we learn that even the smartest people didn’t have an easy life, and that it’s the hard times that make us who we are.

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