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The Adventure of Toto Class 9 English, Moments Summary

The Adventure of Toto Class 9 English, Moments Summary

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023


    “The Adventures of Toto” is a fun story about a young monkey named Toto who likes to get into trouble. Toto was bought for Rupees 5 from a Tonga driver by the narrator’s grandfather. He decided to add him to his own private zoo. Toto was a bad monkey, so Grandfather tried to tame him but couldn’t. He got into a lot of trouble because of all the mischief he made. At last, Toto’s grandfather realised that he could no longer keep him at home. So, the same Tonga driver bought Toto for $3.


    Grandpa of the narrator animals a lot. Once, he paid Rupees 5 to a tonga driver for a red baby monkey. Grandpa gave him the name Toto. He made the decision to put Toto in his private zoo. Toto’s tail, which he used as a third hand, was what made him stand out. Toto used his tail to hang from tree branches and reach dishes he couldn’t reach with his hands.

    Grandma of the person telling the story did not like animals. So, the narrator and his grandfather decided that no one should know that Toto was there. They put Toto in the narrator’s bedroom, in a small wardrobe opening. When they came back, they saw that Toto had taken down the wall paper. He had also pulled out the peg that was holding him to the wall. He had also ripped apart the narrator’s school blazer (pieces). The grandfather liked Toto’s mischief. He thought Toto was a smart monkey.
    After this happened, Toto was moved into a big cage.

    The cage was kept in the servants’ quarters, which was also where all the other animals lived. A tortoise, two rabbits, a pet squirrel, and a pet goat were among the animals. Even in this situation, Toto showed that he was a bad monkey. He wouldn’t let any other animal sleep at night. So, since the grandfather had to go to Saharanpur the next morning to get his pension, he decided to bring Toto with him.

    Toto was given a black kit bag made of canvas. This bag was put over him. Since the bag was closed, Toto couldn’t get out or do anything bad. Toto’s head was in the bag for the whole trip, but when his grandfather was showing his ticket to the ticket collector, Toto pulled his head out. The ticket collector was scared when an animal showed up out of nowhere. He figured out that Toto was a dog, so he charged $3 for Toto to go with him.

    Toto was taken in by the narrator’s grandmother, who put him in the stable with the family donkey, Nana. Nana was teased by Toto from the first night he spent with her. When Toto’s grandfather went to check on him, he saw that Toto had bit Nana’s long ears. Because of this, Toto and Nana could never get along. On winter evenings, Toto’s grandmother gave him a bath with a big bowl of warm water. Toto would first check how warm the water was. Then he would get into the bath and stay there until the water came up to his neck. After that, he would take the soap and rub it all over his body. Toto would run to the kitchen fire as soon as he got out of the bath to dry himself.

    One day, Toto was taking a bath and almost boiled himself to death. When he saw a big pot of warm water, he climbed into the pot. When the water began to boil, he began to jump up and down. He was in the kettle, but his grandmother found him and took him out. Toto was still getting into trouble. He always made things worse. When the narrator’s family came into the dining room for lunch one day, they saw Toto eating the pulao they had made.

    Toto threw a plate at his grandmother when she yelled at him. Also, when one of the narrator’s aunts came up, Toto threw water in her face. When the narrator’s grandfather came later, Toto took the dish, ran outside, and sat on the bran

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