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A Photograph Summary Class 11 English

A Photograph Summary Class 11 English

Etutor Guru

22 Aug 2023

    Summary of a Photograph

    A Photograph Summary compares how nature is inside to how people are in the moment. In the poem, poetess talks about a picture of her mother when she was young. In the picture, she is on a beach vacation with her two girl cousins. Also, the poetess compares how nature changes at the speed of a snail to how quickly people’s lives change. Poetess remembers how her mother laughed at the picture and was sad that she had to give up some of the things she loved as a child. But back then, her mother’s past was the sea vacation, and now the poetess’s past is her mother’s laugh. Both come to terms with their losses and the pain that comes with remembering the past at different times and with a lot of trouble. Also, the poetess feels a deep sense of loss and sadness over the death of her mother. Also, she can’t say anything because of the painful “silence” of the situation.

    A Photograph Summary in English

    The poem starts when the poetess looks through the cardboard boxes and finds a picture of her mother. They may have been left alone for a while. Also, it doesn’t have a frame, metal, etc. So, the poetess shows it as being vulnerable to forces that cause it to fall apart. In the picture, the poetess’s mother seems to be pushed back by her younger siblings. Also, as she helps her young cousins, she shows how strong her mother is.

    When their brother or uncle takes a picture of them, they all look into the lens. Also, their flowing hair and nice smiles make them look happy and excited. Also, the picture shows the girls learning to keep up with the waves as they get hit by the waves. She (poetess) can’t get rid of the idea that sea. Even when moving, her mother, who is still in the photo, can resist the change because she has accepted her own death.

    In the second part, her mother remembers the day at the sea when she is older. She also remembers her two cousins and the day that the picture is a reminder of. She also makes fun of how she and her cousins dress. The tone of these lines is sad because the mother is trying to accept that life is always changing as she gets older. Maybe looking at herself when she was 12 was an attempt to go back to her childhood, which is a painful reminder of time and growing older.

    In the third part, the poetess talks about her mother, who died before this part was written. Also, the picture makes a memory for both of them. As it ties the mother and daughter together even after the mother has left for good. The poetess admits that the photo makes her happy when she thinks about her mother laughing, just as her mother is happy when she thinks about the day they spent at the sea.

    She also notices that the 12 years that have passed since her mother’s last departure are the same as her age in the picture. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or a cruel twist of fate. Both poetess and her mother learn to accept change and make peace with their memories in the end. Even though they make them think of how quickly they laughed, were happy, etc.

    Even though death or the end of something makes it quiet and empty. But the poetess found the news that her mother had died to be loud and moving enough to write a poem and tribute to her. Even though death puts an end to everything. But when her mother dies, she changes how she feels. Lastly, she accepts (in silence) that she is ready for the final silence that comes with death.

    Conclusion of a Photograph Summary

    In a photo summary, the poetess wants to say that death is inevitable, so enjoy your life.

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